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“Our children are not just acquiring the excellent academics we would expect of any private day school; that’s a given. Kadima is providing them with the tools, environment and encouragement to develop into independent, well-rounded, individual people. The education at Kadima isn’t just academic; it’s social and spiritual as well. My childhood Rabbi used to correct us by saying “not WHAT do you want to be when you grow up, WHO do you want to be when you grow up?” Kadima lives and breathes this distinction. We can’t wait to see “who” are children will grow up to be (with Kadima’s help.)”

-Mike R.

“What I love about Kadima is the amazing strong sense of community and the amount of parent involvement. Kadima is making such a difference in my daughter’s life, both socially and academically. I often ask my daughter what she likes about the school and she says that the food is unbelievable, she now has so many more friends, and the teachers are so nice. Also, the activities and the events the school staff organizes with the parents are always successful. She loves the fact that she works with her Macbook during class time and that the classes are smaller. She actually got so much better in math and Hebrew. I am so happy when she shows me her test results. Thank you Kadima.”

-Limor R.

“The administration at Kadima is never “hands-off.” If there is a problem or an issue with a student, the response by each and every one of the faculty – from teacher, to principal to head of school – is to get involved. They are pro-active, not reactive. The faculty believes in their mission to prepare students for the next year of study and for the next phase of life. At parent-teacher conferences, I realized just how closely each and every teacher observes and interacts with and cares with about each and every student. Every teacher wants every student to succeed. They notice how a student behaves in class, on the yard, at lunch, and with his or her classmates. It is amazing to me how well they understand the students. And I am amazed at their willingness to step in and take an active role in helping each student to improve his or her strengths, and to overcome his or her weaknesses. I am confident that Kadima provides the environment for learning that my children need to become the best they can and to become the kind of people I hope they will be.”

– Alexander W.

“What I love about Kadima are the people who work there. From the teachers to the administrative staff to the maintenance crew, it doesn’t seem like it’s ‘just’ a job to any one of them. They are dedicated to making Kadima a great place for students, parents and each other. They are caring and hard-working individuals who give so much of their time and themselves to the children and the school. I am constantly being thanked for my volunteering and helping my children with their studies–and these are MY children I’m helping! Yet, they are always grateful for my efforts as if they have as much invested in my children and Kadima as I do. On Thanksgiving we all went around the table and said what we are thankful for. Most of us offered the usual gratitude for family, good health and good friends. But the first thing out of our son’s mouth was that he was thankful for Kadima and being able to go there! Needless to say, even though the school outranked my husband and me, we were very pleased he appreciates Kadima so much.”

-Diane B.