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Kadima Day School is fully accredited by CAIS, the California Association of Independent Schools; WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges; and BJE, the Builders of Jewish Education.

Kadima recently underwent a full comprehensive self-study for the purpose of CAIS/WASC/BJE accreditation. The report completed looked into every facet of the school as a means of assessing the efficacy of our long term mission and goals. The CAIS/WASC/BJE visiting committee met extensively with the various constituents of the school, including faculty, staff, students, parents, Board members, and volunteers. The committee completed their final report and issued full accreditation to Kadima Day School. We are pleased to share their commendations below:

  1. The entire school community for adopting mission and belief statements that accurately reflect the educational priorities and philosophy of Kadima Day School.
  2. The Board of Trustees for its commitment to undergo a thorough review of policies and practices and to successfully focus on oversight and fiduciary responsibility.
  3. The Finance Director, Development Office, the Head of School, parents, grandparents, and Board members for their close collaboration and united efforts in meeting fundraising goals and promoting the Culture of Giving.
  4. The Principal for leading the curriculum review process, supporting faculty, and developing a program to enhance student performance.
  5. The leadership of the PTO in its enthusiasm, dedication, and close connectivity with and for the school.
  6. The faculty, administration and staff for the implementation of benchmarks for student performance.
  7. The School for employing talented technology staff and making use of a wide variety of electronic resources for student use as well as teacher/classroom use.
  8. The school on its ample, beautiful and well-maintained facility.
  9. The Director of Plant Management and his staff for creating a clean and safe environment for all students.