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Girls Day 2018

We are so excited to share a special “Girls Day” with 5th grade students on Monday, February 26!
This unique day is geared towards supporting our girls’ emerging identities, navigating complicated social dynamics, and building leadership skills and self-esteem. 
The day will consist of three planned activities: 
– A fun, catered lunch together on campus with Ms. Suddleson, Dr. Plant, Tricia Xavier, Randi Riddle, and leadership expert, Karen Pery.
– Workshop sessions led by Ms. Suddleson, Dr. Plant, and Karen Pery. 
– A self-defense class led by a professional instructor to build self-esteem and leadership skills.   
We would like to invite moms, aunts, or special women in our girls’ lives to join us at 2:30 for the self defense course.  RSVP here.