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Goals of a Kadima Education


Kadima seeks academic excellence. We believe that the highest level of effort from every member of our community, including students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff, is necessary to provide each student with an excellent education. We believe that an outstanding academic experience is critical to each child’s future.

Our curriculum is the foundation of our educational goals. Through our curriculum, we seek to produce graduates who are knowledge driven, literate communicators, self-aware individuals, problem solvers, and collaborative workers.

Knowledge Driven. Fortified with their extensive and comprehensive education, Kadima graduates intrinsically value learning. Kadima encourages its students to desire and seek knowledge throughout their lives. Kadima graduates recognize learning opportunities and actively pursue them, both within and outside the classroom.
Literate Communicators. The fundamental goal of our school is to provide a foundation of learning that will enable students to live successful and meaningful lives. Kadima graduates will: (1) speak fluently and confidently; (2) listen effectively; (3) read and write clearly, competently, and creatively; (4) process, evaluate and analyze critically; and (5) achieve academic proficiency in all disciplines.

Self Aware Individuals. We teach our students to engage in acts of tikun olam (repairing the world) and to live and act with moral sensitivity and empathy toward others. Our students recognize that they must respect themselves and others and contribute not only to the Jewish community, but also to the community at large.

Problem Solvers. Kadima teaches its students to question, think critically, draw conclusions, and apply that knowledge to real life situations. Kadima’s academic environment is rigorous – excellence requires nothing less. We give our students the tools to motivate and self-direct so they may achieve their goals.

Collaborative Workers. Kadima is a community. Everything Kadima does stresses the importance of creating a vibrant, supportive community of students, parents and educators. Kadima teaches its students to contribute to group projects as leaders, participants, evaluators, and observers. Kadima students learn how to balance the needs of the individual with those of the community.


As graduates of a Schechter Network School, Kadima students develop their own deeper understanding of, and commitment to, Judaism. Our students create their own paths to meaningful, intellectual, sound, satisfying and productive lives.