As parents of Kadima students, we invite you to join us in making a real difference in your child’s education. The Fall Appeal is a partnership between the Board, parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, and alumni parents working together to build a brighter future for our school.

By participating in the 2017-2018 Fall Appeal, we ask that you Give Today to Build Kadima’s Tomorrow. Your contribution plays a vital role, ensuring that all of our children continue to benefit from the amazing Kadima experience – to learn and grow within a community that is kind, compassionate and academically inspiring.

You may ask, why partner? Doesn’t the tuition I pay cover all of Kadima’s operational expenses? The simple answer, as with most independent schools, is no and here is why:

Kadima’s Operational Budget: $4,557,007
Tuition Revenue: $4,119,046
Budget Shortfall: $437,961

With 230 students enrolled in the school, the budget shortfall per student is $1,780.33. So you see, your tuition does not cover all of the school expenses. There is a real need for us to meet that shortfall.


Our Goal This Year is Two-Fold


    100% family participation.

    Last year we increased participation from 40% all the way to 70%. We made great strides! However, it takes all of us working together to surpass last year’s efforts.


    Bridge the budget shortfall.

    Raising $1780 on average per student will help us bridge the gap in Kadima’s operational budget.


    As a Parent Partner, your support of the Fall Appeal will make a difference in the lives of all children attending Kadima. Kadima is a wonderful school delivering a top-notch education focused on instilling Jewish values and building a brighter tomorrow. By giving today, your donation will expand the experiences provided to our children, supporting academic and extracurricular programs, enabling the school to recruit and retain excellent teachers, and helping students who might otherwise not be able to afford a Kadima Day School education.

    Remember, no gift is too big or too small because meaningful participation is what matters. As a Kadima family member, we count on you to join the effort, and to make a gift in the enclosed pledge envelope. Thank you in advance for your partnership and generosity.

    Donate Now Via Paypal

    Simple, quick and secure. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use the service. If you’d prefer not to donate using Paypal, please contact us at 818-346-0849.