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Evenhaim Family Education Grant

About the Grant

EFEG Logo smallThe Evenhaim Family Education Grant was established by Shawn and Dorit Evenhaim especially to assist middle income families interested in a Kadima Day School education. The Evenhaim family has generously donated over $1.2 million to support families who have been deterred by the cost of day school education, to achieve the goal of providing a Kadima Day School education for their elementary and middle school aged children.  

The Evenhaim Family Education Grant offers tuition of $12,500 in a student’s first year at Kadima Day School.  For students entering K – 3rd grade, the grant funding is guaranteed through 5th grade.  For children entering 4th grade and up, grant funding is guaranteed through the end of middle school (8th grade). For all students entering Kadima Day School with grant funding, tuition will increase by only $500 each successive year that they are enrolled.  

Who Is Eligible

This Evenhaim Family Education Grant is available to families with children entering elementary and middle school (Grades K – 8) in the 2016-2017 school year.  These students may not be enrolled in Jewish Day School in 2015-2016. Students enrolled in public schools and other non-Jewish private schools are welcome to apply for the grant.   Further, families with total gross income up to $150,000 (for one child), and up to $200,000 (for more than one child) will qualify. 

How To Apply

There are 2 steps to applying for the Evenhaim Family Education Grant:

1.  Complete the 2016-2017 Evenhaim Family Education Grant application. The application is available by clicking on the following link: Evenhaim Family Education Grant Application. Submit the application, along with supporting documentation to

2. Complete an Application for Admission to Kadima Day School. All application materials are available on the Kadima Day School website at the following link: Kadima Day School Application for Admission. To schedule a private tour or to learn more about Kadima Day School, cal 818-346-0849 x125 or email 

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