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Head of School

Welcome to a place where curiosity rules.  Where children learn to honor timeless traditions and think for themselves.  Where students are encouraged to ask bold questions, confront paradox, and discover new connections.  Where critical inquiry feels like fun, and lights go on in unexpected ways.  Welcome to a place where students see links between Moses and Macbeth, anthropology and architecture, biology and Bible.  Where children understand empathy so deeply that they relate to characters — both real and fictional – across the eras in time and draw guidance from them for living today.  Welcome to a place where everything, and everyone, feels accessible, nothing is off-limits and students yearn to engage the world.

Welcome to Kadima.
Thank you for visiting Kadima Day School’s website, which is designed to give you an overview of the school and provide some key information about Kadima. For over 40 years, Kadima’s commitment to educating Jewish children has been at the core of the school community. Families choose Kadima for a multitude of reasons: outstanding general studies; small class size; focus on technology, art, critical thinking and differentiated instruction; and meaningful and inspiring Judaic and excellent Hebrew Studies. The faculty and administration are a dedicated, talented, and knowledgable team focused on creating the best learning environment for students. The facility is state of the art, roomy, bright and wonderful.

Kadima is a dynamic community. I invite you to visit the campus and experience first-hand active learning, creativity and connection to Jewish peoplehood that inspires daily. Please email or call our Director of Admissions, Tricia Xavier, to set up a tour, or reach me directly by email, or by phone at 818-346-0849 x331. I love to spend time with prospective and returning families, and invite the opportunity to personally explore Kadima with you.

We look forward to meeting you, and wish you a wonderful year.


Greg Kovacs, Head of School