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Summer Reading 2015

Each student entering Grades 1 – 8 is required to complete a summer reading assignment. This helps to ensure that not only are our students reading over summer, but that when they return to school in the fall, they are ready to start learning from day 1! So, as you head off into summer vacation, we are busy preparing for the opening of school in the fall. We are excited to begin the planning and preparation for the coming year.

Below you will find reading lists for Elementary and Middle School students.  7th and 8th grade honor students have an additional required book. In addition to the reading, please note there are also summer reading assignments to be completed by the start of school. The reading and the completed assignments should all be brought to school and given to your child’s General Studies or Language Arts teacher on the first day of school.

Summer reading questions may be answered by Jennifer LeVine, Assistant Principal.  Feel free to direct all summer reading questions to


Elementary School Summer Reading Packet 2015

6th Grade Summer Reading 2015

7th Grade Summer Reading 2015 AND 7th Grade Honors Supplement to Summer Reading 2015

8th Grade Summer Reading 2015 AND 8th Grade Honors Supplement to Summer Reading 2015