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Kadima students learn to integrate technology into their daily learning in a variety of ways.In elementary grades, students are exposed to computer technology in their individual classrooms as well as in our Media Center, which includes iMac desktop systems. technology1Each classroom is equipped with projector system, document camera, and/or active board allowing for connectivity to the internet and/or interactive learning. Students are taught the basics of keyboarding, software use and the foundations of technology as education tools and resources.

In middle school, Kadima offers an applied technology program which includes hands-on experience in cutting edge technologies, including robotics, video production, music composition, animation and more. To effectively integrate technology into various learning opportunities, Kadima middle schoolers are provided their own iPad, including access to digital textbooks. Our one student to one iPad program offers the greatest level of productive use of technology for each of our students. technology2Further, most of our middle-school classrooms are equipped with SMART white boards, transforming our classrooms into centers of interactive learning where students are engaged and inspired and teachers can be innovative in their teaching.

One of the main objectives of the technology program is creating students ready and able to meet the challenges of the workforce needs of their future.