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The Way Forward

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How do you raise a Jewish child? You educate her.

Kadima is a private Jewish day school in Los Angeles rooted in academic excellence and Jewish learning. The learning environment we provide encourages independence, confidence, critical thinking and a love of learning. Come see what a Kadima educational experience has to offer.


The Kadima Difference




Kadima provides an integrated General and Judaic Studies education that is comprehensive and academically challenging. The School's commitment to educational excellence and Jewish tradition teaches students to maximize their academic, social, physical, and spiritual potentials. Kadima education instills a strong sense of identity, rooted in Jewish ethics and values. 



לעורר השראה

Kadima's foremost responsibility is to develop a child's intellect by inspiring a love of learning. When young minds discover the joy of new ideas, they begin to process information with enthusiasm. Student's natural curiosity and imagination meet science and logic providing a discipline that motivates them to explore important ideas by examining multiple perspectives and layered meanings. Kadima creates an environment for learning where students support and challenge each other.  




Students who know themselves on a spiritual and emotional level have an invaluable edge in our changing world. Success today means having the ability to navigate society’s complex challenges, both intellectual and moral, with dignity and strength. That’s why Kadima provides students with the tools for growth: technology and tradition, scholarship and service, art and athletics, guiding students to discover their own individual paths and connection to Judaism. 


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Identity & Community



Kadima celebrates the Jewish holidays with zest! Festive Sukkot BeYachad, song-filled Chanukah performances, a raucous Purim carnival and a wacky Passover experience…we don’t just learn about the holidays, we LIVE them!


Before the Kadima basketball team started a game earlier this year, they dedicated 11 seconds of silence for the victims in Pittsburgh. Some of the girls also wore pink socks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you Coach Al Fields for coaching our children on how to be good team members on the court, in the field, and in life.



Our ECEC Director Randi Riddle exemplifies what it means to put children first - to educate with compassion, to teach with heart and to raise a generation of children who are kind and generous.  



Each month, Kadima students explore a different value throughout their curriculum — compassion (rachmanut), leadership (manhigut), the power of speech (shmirat lashon) — as part of our year-long theme, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Students are recognized in front of their peers for exemplifying the monthly value and encouraged to live that value every day.


Our Promise

Excellence Within Reach


Making an exceptional Jewish day school education accessible and sustainable for both families and schools is an ongoing challenge facing our Jewish community. The decision to reduce tuition is grounded in the knowledge that private school tuitions have reached an all-time high, forcing many families out of the private-education marketplace. While remaining at the forefront of academic excellence, Kadima is taking the lead in increasing accessibility and affordability for private Jewish schools. This bold move will benefit the students and families we serve today and in the future.

So far, the bold move is paying off — this year, Kadima saw the largest increase in new students in the history of the school.

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