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Kadima. The Way Forward.

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Welcome to a place where curiosity rules. 

Where children learn to honor timeless traditions and think for themselves.  Where students are encouraged to ask bold questions, confront paradox, and discover new connections.  Where critical inquiry feels like fun, and lights go on in unexpected ways.  

Welcome to a place where students see links between Moses and Macbeth, anthropology and architecture, biology and Bible.  Where children understand empathy so deeply that they relate to characters — both real and fictional – across the eras in time and draw guidance from them for living today.  Welcome to a place where everything feels accessible, nothing is off-limits, and students yearn to engage with the world.

Mission Statement

Kadima Day School provides an integrated General and Judaic Studies education that is comprehensive and academically challenging.  Our commitment to educational excellence and Jewish tradition teaches our students to maximize their academic, social, physical and spiritual potentials.  A Kadima education instills a strong sense of identity, preparedness for higher education and a commitment to responsible living guided by Jewish ethics and values.

:הצהרת השליחות שלנו

.בית ספר קדימה תומך באינטגרציה בין לימודים כלליים ולימודי יהדות

.אנחנו מבטיחים את המשך המצויינות בלימודים אקדמאים ויהודיים כאחד

החינוך בקדימה משריש לזהות חזקה, הכנה ללימודים גבוהים ואחריות

.לאורח חיים שמוביל למוסר ולערכים יהודיים

  • A modern, well-rounded curriculum that includes technology, Judaic studies, athletics and the arts instills a joy for learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

  • Active learning engages students to become creative, critical, and analytical thinkers.

  • Studying Jewish texts contributes to critical and analytical skills that are valuable throughout one’s life.

  • Understanding ritual observance, possessing a love for Israel and studying Judaism develop each student’s own Jewish identity and ensures our continuity as a people.

  • All knowledge is significant; everything we learn can inspire and help us along our respective paths.

  • A partnership between teachers, staff, parents and the larger community provides the foundation for moral sensitivity and empathy for others, which is essential to achieving one’s fullest potential.

Our Vision


Making Education Accessible and Sustainable

Making an exceptional Jewish day school education accessible and sustainable for both families and schools is an ongoing challenge facing our community and Jewish communities nationwide. Affordability and excellence are at the heart of the matter. While Kadima will continue to focus on providing a solid academic foundation and addressing students’ comprehensive needs, we are now introducing an innovative tuition model that addresses affordability, sustainability and educational excellence.

We are committed to making Kadima a first-choice for families wanting a Jewish day school education. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Kadima’s model reduces tuition up to 11% for early childhood families, and by an average of 43% for elementary and middle school families.  The new tuition removes the complicated time-consuming barriers that often keep families from applying to the school. Now, Jewish education is attainable for more families of varying income levels.

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