Welcome to Kadima’s
Early Childhood Education Center.

Our program is designed to provide children with learning opportunities that are creative and fun, building self-esteem, independence, social skills, confidence and responsibility.

The ECEC balances academic and social development for children two to five years of age. The worlds of language arts (English and Hebrew), science, mathematics, social studies, art, Jewish ritual and culture, and music are explored with children in a developmentally appropriate way. Learning is ongoing, and our students thrive in the warm and nurturing environment staffed by experienced teachers.



Beginners (Two Year Olds)

This group of students, (age 2 by September 1) engage in an atmosphere of development and learning. The program, full of creativity, is designed to offer an outlet for a two year old child’s energy, enthusiasm and interests. Our focus with two year old children is to help them make a confident transition to our school environment, separating from home or another care provider and participating in a new routine.

Potty training is incorporated into daily routines with a relaxed attitude enabling each child the opportunity to progress at his/her own rate of development.

Intermediate Students (Three Year Olds)

This group of students (age 3 by September 1) are encouraged and supported so that they can fulfill their developmental task of gaining confidence in their social and cognitive skills. Three year old children participate in a slightly more structured day, increasing their knowledge of shapes, colors, letters and numbers while developing problem solving skills and making independent choices..

Gesher (Four Year Olds)

Our Gesher (age 4 by September 1) students begin to master the skills required for Kindergarten. Activity centers and group time help children to develop critical thinking skills to learn science, social studies, Hebrew language, math and reading. Four year olds also learn a language of personal responsibility and caring for others that is the foundation for successful social skill development.

Art activities and movement through music classes stimulate students’ imagination while improving their fine motor skill development. Learning takes place wherever the children are – whether inside the classroom or outdoors.

Throughout the Gesher program, children are challenged and encouraged to learn about their own uniqueness, and build the foundation to be successful in elementary school.



We invite you to visit our classrooms, meet our teachers, and see our children at work and play! Contact us for more detailed information.

Dikla Kadosh, Director of Admissionsadmissions@kadimadayschool.org, or (818) 346-0849 x115
Alisha Sela, ECEC Director, asela@kadimadayschool.org  or (818) 346-0849 x124