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Our Kadima Community

Kadima Day School is much more than an academic institution.  Kadima is a welcoming community of friends who come together in celebration of Jewish life.  The development of each student’s mind, body and spirit or neshama begins in our Early Childhood Education Center and continues through the 8th grade.  Kadima’s atmosphere leads to learning that is fun, active and engaging.

Community Celebrations

Kadima celebrates together:

Several times a year, Kadima holds school wide community celebrations, where all members of our community come together to celebrate Kadima.

img_5282Sukkot B’Yachad:  Sukkot is a time of joy at Kadima. We open our campus and our sukkah for a community gathering where we celebrate together.  Sukkah building, art activities, dinner and learning all take place together.  Many years, over 400 people attend so that we may celebrate together.



img_1269-1Intergenerational Day:  Kadima celebrates the generations by holding 3 separate intergenerational events – one for each of the divisions in our school.  Our community is encouraged to share Kadima’s joy of learning with grandparents, friends or other special adults in each of the lives of our students



img_1770Hanukkah:  Hanukkah at Kadima is a celebration of music, talent, latkes and sufganiyot.  Our younger students treat us to beautiful choral performances in English and in Hebrew.  Our classrooms are open for Hanukkah activities and crafts.  This is always a special time of connection and joy at Kadima as we learn about and celebrate the Festival of Lights.




Annual Gala:  Each year we honor individuals who have impacted  the Kadima community through their generous gifts of time, resources and support.  Some years, the celebrations are educational, community gatherings, or fun dinner dances.  Whatever the occasion, or theme, our parents and supporters come together for Kadima.


Student Life

Pep Rally

img_0068-1In support of our athletic teams and school spirit, Kadima holds several pep rallies a year.  They are a chance to cheer on our teams and meet the school Mascot, the Kodiak Bear.





Veteran’s Day Assembly

Several school-wide assemblies are held through the year.  The Veteran’s Day assembly is a way for us to honor our armed forces and those who serve in the military to protect our freedoms as Americans and as Jews.

Field Trips

5th-grade-ronald-reagan-tripEach elementary and middle school grade participates in a variety of field trips throughout the year. Kadima is fortunate enough to be located near many museums, nature preserves, camps and other amazing venues that allow for learning beyond the classroom walls.  Fields trips include but are not limited to any of the following learning experiences:



  • Ronald Reagan Museum
  • Griffith Observatory
  • California Science Center
  • Camp JCA Shalom
  • Natural History Museum
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Grammy Museum
  • Dodger Stadium
  • San Fernando Mission
  • Underwood Family Farms
  • Local Post Office
  • Autry Museum
  • Chumash Indian Museum
  • Jewish Home for the Aging
  • City Hall
  • Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
  • Museum of Tolerance
  • The Jewish Federation
  • El Matador State Beach Tide Pools
  • Skirball Cultural Center
  • Local Synagogues
  • La Brea Tar Pits
  • Local Theatre Productions
  • The Tree People
  • Las Virgenes Nature Preserve
  • + More!

Students in grades 4-8 also have the opportunity to participate in overnight trips, some of which are detailed in the following link:  Many of the trips for the last several years have been documented in the Kadima Travel Blog as well.  This blog is filled with stories, travel experiences and many pictures.  To learn more, visit the Kadima Travel Blog at the following link:



The Kadima Way

The “Kadima Way,” is our school’s innovative character development program. Kadima’s emphasis on character education is rooted in the school mission: helping students build an identity that is based on core Judaic values. Each grade tackles the foundations of character development and grow in their understanding of “The Kadima Way” through the implementation of key components:

  • Value of the Month
  • The Kodiak Kavod Program: student to student mitzvah recognition
  • Grade Level Mitzvah Projects
  • Rosh Chodesh Mitzvah Awards

Kadima has also implemented an integrated student component to The Kadima Way, which includes Peaceful Playground Pals, Morning Carpool Greeters, Dining Hall Helpers, as well as grade specific concepts:

  • Kindergarten: Students focus on understanding their role in the Kadima community and understanding how things are done at school, “The Kadima Way.”
  • First Grade: Students work to develop a strong understanding of how to make friends and accept others. The students identify similarities and differences between themselves and others, celebrating that everyone has commonalities and everyone has things that make them unique.
  • Third Grade: Students explore the concepts of tolerance and social responsibility.
  • Fourth Grade: Students learn and explore the idea of decision making. Students explore the idea that there are choices that they make that impact the world around them. Students look at school, community, world leaders, and role models to define a process for good decision-making that they can utilize in their daily life.
  • Fifth Grade: Students focus on leadership skills and learning to be self-aware. Students take on the responsibility for helping others on the playground, learn the Kadima Way, and assume the position of role models for younger students. Students will explore situations where they can lead within their community as well as reflect on their own leadership traits.

All in all, students learn it is the Kadima Way to take responsibility, be part of the solution, communicate clearly, resolve conflict peacefully, celebrate each other, and be courageous, all within the framework of Jewish values and mitzvot.