New tuition model makes a Kadima education more accessible

Great things are happening at Kadima! Our new tuition program makes a Kadima education more affordable. Call us at 818-346-0849 to learn more. בית ספר קדימה הוא מקום מדהים ללמוד The press release is below:

Kadima Day School Makes Exceptional Jewish Day School Education Accessible

New innovative tuition model addresses affordability, sustainability and educational excellence and reduces elementary and middle school tuition by an average of 43%.

West Hills, CA (February 6, 2017) - Kadima Day School today announced its commitment to making Jewish day school education accessible to families seeking a Jewish education for their children. Its new innovative tuition model is designed to be financially sustainable for both families and the school.

“According to Builders of Jewish Education, Los Angeles has seen a 14% decrease in enrollment among community day schools in the last five years,” said Gregory Kovacs, Head of School for Kadima Day School. “Affordability and excellence are cited as the central issues. While Kadima continues to provide educational excellence through a differentiated learning model and small class size, we are now addressing affordability and sustainability.”

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Kadima’s new model reduces tuition up to 11% for preschool families, and by an average of 43% for elementary and middle school families. It also eliminates tuition assistance for those seeking financial aid. The new tuition removes the complicated time-consuming barriers that often keep families from applying to the school. In the last few years Kadima made Jewish education accessible to certain families based on their income level, now the school is making it accessible to all.

“Making sure there are educators to meet the needs of general studies, Judaic and Hebrew language education makes it costly to run Jewish education,” Mr. Kovacs said. “We are committed to implementing strategic, efficient and cost effective program enhancements. This includes classroom structure and makeup, strategic hiring, cross training of teachers, and moving toward adapting digital resources and tools.”

This initiative is supported by the Evenhaim family, who will continue playing a significant role as benefactor. The backing will enable Kadima to continue meeting the academic and social needs of students, while growing enrollment.

“We know that our community wants Jewish day school for their children. As Jews, we are not only committed, but we are obligated to ensure Jewish continuity. By making a Jewish education accessible and ensuring this education remains a right, not a privilege, we are investing in the future of the Jewish people,” said Shawn Evenhaim, Board of Trustees Member and Kadima Day School Benefactor. “Based on the success of prior innovative models that we have initiated to make Jewish education more accessible, I believe this model, which focuses on value and quality as much as price, has the potential to change the entire landscape of Jewish education around the country.”

About Kadima

Kadima Day School is a private, nonprofit Jewish day school located in the west San Fernando Valley. Established in 1970, Kadima offers an Early Childhood Education Center, Elementary School and Middle School. Kadima Day School provides an integrated general and Judaic studies education that is comprehensive and academically challenging.

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