Kadima Welcomes Cyber Education Expert Lori Getz

IMG_0922Kadima welcomed Lori Getz to our campus today. Lori is an expert in cyber education and was invited in to discuss the impact of technology on the everyday lives of children and parents. She started the day by meeting with the 5th grade and their parents and engaged the combined group in meaningful discussion. This was followed by a presentation open to parents where she discussed our societal relationship with technology and the complexities involved. She encouraged all parents to talk about behaviors and to create digital expectations. Lori recommended that parents discuss with their children what makes a friend, where they are going online, why and with whom, to discuss where parents fit in, and to determine what is healthy. IMG_0928Lori also addressed the middle school and engaged our students in creating an understanding of what privacy means and that ultimately they are the ones who control what they share. By inviting Lori to our campus, we hope that parents will engage students of all ages in discussions about the digital world and how to create a balanced use of technology. We thank Lori for sharing with us. Her discussions were invaluable. Lori has many resources available - feel free to learn more by visiting http://lorigetz.com.