Kadima Welcomes Partnership Students from Tel Aviv

Click here for updates from our Travel Blog. From October 12 through October 22, Kadima is hosting a student delegation from the Ort Yad Singalovski (OYS) school in Tel Aviv, as part of the Tel Aviv – Los Angeles Twinning Program of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles. Along with the eighth grade, our guests and their chaperones will experience Jewish life in Los Angeles and student life at Kadima. Over the next few days, the OYS delegation and the 8th grade students will participate in many activities linked to the theme of the trip, Truth Springs from the Earth: Nature as Teacher. Some of their activities will include a visit to the Gentle Barn, to learn about compassion towards animals, each other and our planet; a trip to the Brandeis Institute, to learn about the Jewish camping movement and to connect with the outdoors; Simchat Torah at Temple Aliyah; a tour of multicultural and historical Los Angeles; a visit to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles; a visit to the Museum of Tolerance, to learn about and discuss the universal challenge of combating hatred and working toward a more just and tolerant world; and other bonding and social opportunities at the homes of our host families and on the Kadima campus.  The resulting connections between Kadima and OYS students transcends distance, and creates a shared Jewish identity and destiny while fostering a love for Israel.


OYS Day 1

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