The Kadima 5th Grade Supports "Shoes That Fit"

10847931_10205383249080952_6153680780812699342_n Going barefoot in the summer is one thing. Doing it all year long – or having to wear worn out, mismatched or poor fitting shoes every day is something else entirely. It destroys self esteem. It degrades and depresses. It makes going to school embarrassing and almost impossible. Studies show that properly fitting shoes can enhance self confidence in school children and boost their development and overall growth. For these reasons, Kadima Day School 5th Graders have adopted SHOES THAT FIT as their Mitzvah Project for the year. Shoes That Fit helps kids improve their self-esteem by providing them with much-needed new shoes so that they can go to school in comfort and with dignity and focus on their studies rather than their circumstances.

This past Friday, the Kadima 5th grade delivered nearly 200 pairs of NEW shoes to children in two nearby elementary schools that were matched with Kadima. Each school identified specific children in need, and the 5th Grade made sure that shoes were purchased for them. Our Kadima students made a direct impact to the lives of these children.

By supporting "Shoes That Fit", Kadima students are fulfilling the mitzvah of Someiach Noflim, Supporting the Fallen. We thank each member of the Kadima community who assisted the 5th grade in fulfilling their mitzvah project.

If you would like more information on Shoes That Fit, please visit their website at


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